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for your Project

Are you tired of explaining your ideas with text only?

Would you like to present your message in a fun and unusual way?

Do you need visuals for a project– lively, with a sense of humour?

Would you like to capture interaction and dialogue of a group coaching session, a workshop or a Q&A session?

Do you have an idea for an illustrated book, but you don't know where to begin?


I can help you, if you like my drawing style.

I draw cartoon-y sketches from your video presentation or webinar.
Live or recorded.
that you can use for

How it works

First we chat a bit about your project and clarify your expectations and what I can deliver.  I find it inspiring to draw when I see and hear people talking  – even if it is recorded.
You can either give me access to a prerecorded video, or I draw while we chat on Skype, or we schedule my participation on a live webinar/online event.


Real time sketching

I sketch while I am listening to your video content – which can be live, or a recording. Depending on the content, there will be 5-10 pages per hour. I will capture the things that are most vivid for me –not every little detail. But we can talk about that in our preliminary conversation.

No  risk for you: Review before paying

I'll show you a low res version of the sketches first.  If you don't like them, you don't have to pay anything. If you want me to go on, I'll listen to your feedback, correct mistakes and add color and shading.

What you get

Basically: Loads of visuals that you can use for anything – handouts, for whiteboard video, on your website, wherever you want.
I'll send you a  nice little pdf-booklet with the sketchnotes.  You also receive the high-res drawings, either as a whole page, and/or separate illustrations. So you get basically a standalone brochure, plus hand-drawn illustrations of your concepts that you can use afterwards in your promotion material.


The price for 5-10 pages of sketched illustrations from 30 minutes of video content is €200 + VAT in Denmark / DKK 1500 + moms.  Delivered in the formats that suit you best  - pdf, jpg, or png.



The illustrations are done in my sketchy style that you can see all around on the website here.